Top Tips For Creating A Home Recording Studio

Home Recording Studio

One of the best things about the music production side of my job is the fact that I can do it at home. This provides me with so much freedom to work when I want to because it is so easy just to head into my studio when I am in a creative frame of mind. Setting up a home recording studio is no small matter but you don’t really need to invest thousands if you are just starting out.

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Protect Your Gear With Musical Equipment Insurance


As a musician it becomes apparent very early on in your career that your instruments are crucial to your business. In the early days when I did a few solo gigs at local clubs I never really gave much thought to this at all. I used to simply throw my gear into the back of my car and head off to the gig. However as I became more involved with session music and spoke to other musicians with I began to realise that I was a little vulnerable.

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Music And Exercise. Is There A Link?

Music For Workouts

Music is the ultimate creativity tool. Virtually everyone on the planet has been touched my music at some point in their lives. For example simply changing from one piece of music to another can completely change the mood at a party. Or watching a movie can be so much better when the soundtrack embraces the on-screen action. But how does music impact on us during exercise?

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